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Company Profile and Outlook
Founded in 2004, Boyuan Industrial has focused on laminating breathable membranes with textiles. Featuring comprehensive inspection equipment, Boyuan emphasizes production capacity, high quality, and stability. We have injected large sums of money into establishing certified professional laboratories. Since 2010, we have become a partner acknowledged by Bluesign, a prestigious international organization that certifies the manufacturing process of textile products. From equipment and manufacturing processes to final products, Boyuan complies with international environmental regulations and strives to pursue ecological sustainability and sustainable management.

Boyuan Industrial upholds the spirit of “discretion, eco-friendliness, unity, hard work, and innovation.” With steady operations, Boyuan has built a professional top-notch corporate culture with professional technology and services. Our excellent production techniques, support teams, and ample experience and strengths match consumers’ need for more refined products. We also strengthen our collaboration with the OEM customers, clients, and partners to achieve co-prosperity.

With Taiwan as the main market, Boyuan actively improves the manufacturing processes with professional equipment and talents from different fields. Aiming to achieve market leadership, Boyuan is a dominant player in the fierce competition of the industry with a plan for global expansion. We emphasize employee growth within the company and career development to ensure that our employees can grow along with the company. Nurturing talents, effective communication within teams, and industry advancement have been the unique values that push Boyuan Industrial forward.
Business Philosophy
Honesty and Integrity
We not only are excellent in our specialization, but also see integrity and honesty as our important values. We have these values engraved in our daily operations; when we carry out a task, we strictly make sure to do so with the right attitude.

Highest Quality
We are modestly client-oriented. We actively pursue the highest quality and see it as our highest standard during every part of our work. We pragmatically seek to improve ourselves and satisfy our clients’ needs in all possible ways, aiming to become our clients’ best partner.

Thinking Outside The Box
We are pragmatic, rational, and discreet. Though we are a traditional manufacturing company, we are still proactive and curious without being restricted by traditions. We are flexible and constantly looking for new solutions in order to achieve success.

Self Improvement and Growth
We are always curious and passionate about the world. We hold onto every chance to grow and fulfill our goals in our professional work. We strive to create a work environment where we continue learning and actively take up challenges.

Innovative Thinking
We understand the goals of our teams with unique ideas and creativity. We are proactive and efficient while maintaining our curiosity. We create boundless possibilities for innovation and inspiration.
Core Values
Immersed in the most important beliefs of the company, we have great dreams, but keep our feet on the ground and do our job steadily. Not fond of hyperboles, we are composed and discreet. We do our best to fulfill our promises and strive to build a trustworthy culture with firm integrity.

We are objective and upright. The most important requirements of our employees are their character and capabilities. We say no to factions and corruption and choose our collaborating companies objectively and honestly. We provide the best quality products to protect our clients’ intrests. We also raise our moral standards while adhering to the law. We pulled out all the stops to compete with our competitors and encourage ourselves to be more competitive.

In this competitive industry, we focus on refining our business and single-mindedly optimize our manufacturing processes. Each employee sees product quality as their responsibility and thus concentrate fully on each part of their work. We reflect on ourselves pragmatically and focus on our work. We concentrate on pursuing the best possible customer satisfaction.

Our insistence on innovating and taking on challenges propels our growth. Our company innovates, changes, implements, and seeks breakthroughs in all aspects. We stay highly proactive and emphasize teamwork. We discretely break the mold and embrace every possibility of innovation.

We have put down roots in Taiwan and now aspire to expand globally. Keeping in mind our employees’ wellbeing, teamwork, and social responsibility, we make sure the company is heading towards sustainability. We formulate mid-term and long term business strategies and carefully create the blueprint for sustainability. We are determined and passionate about going forward and overcoming bottlenecks. We ensure the effectiveness and benefits of our strategies in order to allow the company to grow sustainably.
Message from the Chairman
Over the years, laminating functional materials has gradually extended from a single application area in the early days to a wide range of industrial developments. Innovation is an endless journey and Boyuan will continue to upgrade its technologies and quality criteria to meet the quality and yield expectations of our customers. This is my commitment to our customers, and my expectations for our employees.
Chairman and General Manager
Boyuan's plant